Strong Growth Predicted For DJS Research Ltd

20th December 2011 14:12

With only a quarter of the financial year remaining, DJS Research Ltd is once again forecasting strong figures for growth. Having turned over £1.5 million last year, the company is looking to expand turnover by 20%, reaching at least £1.8 million by April. This figure would represent growth of 100% over the last two years, and 200% since 2008.
This growth has been made possible through the agency’s continued affiliation with some key clients and the addition of several new ones. Furthermore, DJS have been named approved suppliers for several major organisations, including:
The National Archives
The British Council
Severn Trent Water
Engineering UK
The firm has also been recognised as one capable of high growth and featured as a case study for Coaching for High Growth East Midlands in August 2011. This growth is evident from the agency’s continued recruitment of high-calibre staff. DJS now employ a total of 23 permanent staff – engaged in projects in over thirty countries on all the major continents. Highlights have included The United States, Brazil, China, Russia and South Africa.
The consultancy continues to provide high-quality quantitative and qualitative research in a client-centred way which stands out from the competition:
"This was the first time we had used DJS, and the project ran smoothly, to time and budget. But what impressed us most was the sense that everyone we spoke to, from Director level to trainee, made us feel that our work was really important to them...that kind of experience is hard to find these days."
- Customer Faithful Ltd
Commenting on the company’s growth over the last nine months, Managing Director Danny Sims felt confident that the business would continue to expand and improve:
“I think it’s a great start – a great base to build from – but we’ve still got some big plans for the upcoming year which we’re keen to see through to fruition and which will be announced in the New Year. It’s obviously a great achievement for us to have continued to grow at such a strong pace in the current economic climate and I’m really proud of all the work that everyone who contributes to the business has put in. We have to thank not only our directors and researchers, but also our interviewers, fieldworkers, and respondents for the successes of the last few months – long may it continue!”

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