VoicED Education Market Research Community Nearing Launch

26th September 2012 13:53

VoicED, the market research community for education professionals, has entered the final stages of testing and refinement, and will be fully operational by the end of May 2013.

The panel, owned and operated by DJS Research Ltd, a leading UK market research agency based in the northwest of England, allows educational professionals from a wide range of institutions and organisations to voice their opinions and influence education policy, developments and resources in order to bring innovation in the education and training arena more in line with the thinking of key stakeholders.

VoicED, which is designed purely for market research purposes and will include no sales or marketing whatsoever, has already garnered a lot of support from both market researchers and prospective respondents – with hundreds of people having asked to be kept updated on the projects progress. Indeed, VoicED has already received a request to carry out research.

Elliot Simmonds, who has taken on responsibility for the panel, feels it will be a new offer for research in the education sector:

“VoicED is unique in that it’s purely a market research community, and in that we’ve been pretty innovative in the way in which respondents are incentivised – we’re hoping it will create a really engaged, really involved group of education professionals who are eager to see their views influence the UK education scene. We also have some big plans for where the community can go, and for what we will be able to offer both respondents and researchers – but none of them involve selling or spamming; no sales and no marketing is the absolute guiding mantra for VoicED, and we’re really pleased about that!”

If you would like to know more about VoicED, or if you would like to be contacted when the community is launched, please feel free to email Elliot on esimmonds@voiced.org.uk

If you would like to download a promotional poster for VoicED for use in your educational institution or workplace, one is available here.

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