Who let the dogs out - and then brought them to work! Bring Your Dog To Work Day comes to DJS Research

26th June 2019 14:50

Friday 21st June was a first in DJS Research history. It was the day the doggies came to the office - and what a totally pawfect day it was too! 

Employees from all departments were given the opportunity to bring in their four-legged friends for a day of board meetings, walkies and canine shenanigans.
As well as offering a unique day for staff to come together, it also offered another opportunity to raise a few pounds for our Charity of the Year, the Thomas Theyer Foundation
Why bring the dogs to work? 
It is well acknowledged that being around animals can offer many positive benefits to people, with a number of scientific studies concluding that being in the presence of pets can reduce stress levels and improve wellbeing. Not only that, working alongside your beloved pooch can give a boost to morale, increase job sastifaction and even team cooperation.
After the initial idea of bringing your dog to work was posed to DJS humans, it soon became clear that there was not going to be a slow uptake. As more (and more!) dog owners expressed their UTTER JOY! and signed their pooch up, soon followed guidelines for the day, along with a jam-packed agenda including time at the DJS doggy photobooth, lunchtime walkies up to the local pub and a glitzy afternoon awards ceremony to reward the top dogs across a number of categories.
But it wasn't all play and no work when the day arrived. In between activites, DJS dogs could cosy up in their beds for a much-needed snooze while their owners cracked on with their projects. 
"After the responses to my initial email started to roll in, with photos attached of pugs, spaniels, poodles (you name it!) - there was a brief moment were I thought: 'what have we done? This is going to be mahem!'", recalls DJS managing director, Danny Sims. 
"The response was just incredible and before long there were 12 dogs signed up, an agenda for the day, as well as the offer for staff to work from home if they wanted to." 
Claire Williams who helped organise the day and is Mum to Olivia the Pug, said:
"Danny spotted that it was Bring Your Dog to Work Day and with some gentle persuasion, he couldn’t say no! Especially as it was such a good opportunity to raise some money for the Thomas Theyer Foundation."
Asked about her highlight of the day, Claire said: "Ruby rolling in fox poo and having to leave in disgrace! Plus the chaos caused by the new board members during their first meeting. Jake the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was particularly unimpressed and spiced things up by jumping on the desk."
"Also Angel and Pumpkin (the mother and daughter duo) took the office by storm….by literally doing nothing and just standing staring at the door. Again, some very unimpressed pooches." 
One thing that was perhaps surprising, was how well the dogs settled,and how happy they were to just relax beside their owners when there was (real) work to be done. But were there any office romances or personailty clashes among the new canine workforce?
"Olivia and Ruby took a real shine to each other and kissed for a good few minutes," said Claire. "Olivia then shouted at Marlowe for going near her bone (naughty diva pug!). Poor Marlowe."
"She also thought she was the new MD and barked at Danny as well, oops!" 

Despite trying to oust the boss, Olivia the pug ended the day on a high scooping the award for 'Most Obedient' dog in the DJS doggy awards.

'Best day ever' 
The feedback from staff was hugely positive, with Research Manager, Gayle Higginson calling it "the best day in the office, ever!". 

Conner, who works in the DJS CATI unit and owns Buster the Boxer who won the award for the 'Waggiest Tail', said of the day:

"I thought it was amazing,"

"It lifted the spirits in the office and I think it was a good thing for the company as I mixed and spoke to lots of people from the different departments, who I’d never spoken to before."

So, is it likely that DJS Doggy day will be returning one day soon for more canine capers? 

 "It was absolutely brilliant," said MD Danny, "I think everybody thoroughly enjoyed it and it is definitely something we will look to do again in the future."



DJS DOGGY AWARDS 2019 - Who won what... 

Although we had to choose winners, all the dogs who came along were absolute winners. Huge thanks to Olivia, Oscar, Jake, Ruby, Marlowe, Lil, Pumpkin, Angel, Bertie, Tod, Buster and Bear.

Come and see us again soon! 


Name: Buster

Age: just turned 5! 

Breed: Pure Pedigree Boxer. 

Likes: Stealing other dogs' toys, cuddles, cheese (any cheese), long walks and meeting other dogs!

Dislike: Giving the toy back to its rightful owner. His other dislikes are being told not to do something, and being woken up from his after-walk naps. 

Highlight of Day: Buster's highlight was definitely meeting all of the other dogs and their owners, especially Matt Couling. Whenever Matt came out of the Data support office Buster’s tail wagged like mad and he was bouncing around everywhere..


Name:Cuthbertson (Bertie)

Age:3 (and a bit!)

Breed: English Springer Spaniel (Born in Glasgow!)

Category won for: Dog You'd Most Like to Take Home

Likes: Food, Ball, Sticks, Girls of the dog variety

Dislikes Motorbikes, Fireworks and Soap

Highlight of Day: Meeting his new friend, Bear the Cocker Poo





Name: Jake

Age: 6

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Category: Most Appealing Eyes

Likes: Toast, nobody is allowed toast without giving Jake some 

Dislikes: When his younger brother Louis, the Pug puppy, bites his tail

Highlight of Day: Jumping up on the boardroom table and taking ownership of the meeting




Name: Oscar

Age: 3

Breed: Irish Setter

Category won for: Most Handsome

Likes:  Tennis Balls & Gravy Bones

Dislikes: Salad

Highlight of Day: Aside from winning Most Handsome Dog, the highlight would be the slightly muddy dog walk with all his new friends! 





Name: Tod

Age: 3

Breed: Springer Spaniel

Category won for: People's Choice Award / Dog of the Day

Likes: Treats, walks and cuddles

Dislikes: When we leave him on this own

Highlight of Day:   Getting a lot of attention!! Also the walk to the fox which he very much enjoyed - as well as winning the treats :)





Name: Olivia

Age: 2

Breed: Pug

Category won for:Most Obedient 

Likes:  Sleeping, eating sheep poo and wrestling 

Dislikes: Being told what to do!

Highlight of Day:  Loved meeting a bunch of new friends, especially enjoyed walking all over the boardroom table...


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