"Young Apprentice" At DJS Research Ltd

24th January 2012 13:55

Following the conclusion of the hit BBC show, DJS Research Ltd is pleased to announce the arrival of its own young apprentice, Elysha King. The sixteen year old, who spends one day a week studying at Stockport College, is working towards an apprenticeship in Business and Administration. Elysha, who has taken on the role of Accounts Assistant at the consultancy, spends at least one day a week working with the agency Finance Director, Claire Laybourne, but is also keen to engage herself in the wider business world – a chance afforded by the wide range of projects undertaken by DJS Research. Elysha says she’s not only keen to work with accounts, but also to understand the place of finance in the wider business environment:

“Though I initially applied to DJS with a view to working in the accounts department, I quickly realised the important interplay between all the aspects of a business. It’s really interesting to follow a piece of work from it arriving in the office as a brief, through the proposal stage, into fieldwork and reporting, and then finally to invoicing. I really enjoy putting the theory I learn at college into practice in a real business setting.”

Laura Crowe, Elysha’s key contact at DJS, felt that the company offers young people interested in business a rare opportunity:

“To be able to work somewhere like DJS is a fantastic prospect for young people – and this is the sixth person we have taken on at the company in the last two years, although admittedly this is a much longer placement than previous ones. DJS is the perfect mix of being large enough to have a wide variety of work, tasks and experience to be gained, but small enough so that people are willing to spend time with apprentices or work experience students. I think what we’ve done over the last couple of years is fantastic and I hope we can continue to offer these opportunities for the foreseeable future.”

The company is also currently looking to take on another apprentice to work within the IT/Data Processing Department. Further details can be found here:  http://www.djsresearch.co.uk/careers/job/13

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