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Company Brands want to know what you think about their products or services and how they can be improved. They also want to know what marketing campaigns work and how they can make what they do even more attractive to consumers.

And that’s where paid market research surveys come in. A useful and attractive tool, by completing surveys you are directly contributing to how a company’s products and services are developed. And because this feedback and information are so valuable, they are prepared to pay people to participate in surveys and focus groups.

How much can I get paid to take market research surveys?

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The amount you can earn from participating in surveys will vary depending on length and complexity. Some surveys are simple question and answers. For others, it will mean being part of a focus group to give more detail on your thoughts and opinions, for which you’ll get paid more.

For some surveys, you could get vouchers or cash, as well as being entered into prize draws. If you are part of a focus group, you could get paid between £30 and £100! You can do as many or as few surveys as you want, there is no pressure to take part at any time.

Protecting your personal data

But the paid surveys you do must be with a trusted company. That’s why you should consider joining our paid market research insight panel.

As an established paid market research company, we take your personal data seriously. As well as being registered under the Data Protection Act, we are fully subscribed to the Market Research Society Code of Conduct too. That means we store, process and use your personal data as per the current law and guidelines.

As a trusted marketing partner, brands turn to us all the time to match their research projects with our registered panels of people. That means you could start earning money doing surveys within days!

How to be part of paid surveys

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To be part of our market research insight panel, you need to register with us. To do this is simple, easy and secure. Complete our simple form and then submit it to us. We’ll register you on our system and then, when the next range of paid surveys are released, you’ll be able to take part.

The great thing about taking part in surveys and focus groups is not just about the money but about contributing to many exciting projects. Your input and feedback can help determine how products and services are developed for the better so that they become more useful and popular for consumers.

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