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From successful marketing campaigns to product development, the main driver for brands is to develop services and products that meet the expectations of consumers. They need to understand what people think about their brand, their competitors and what’s on offer.

Paid surveys are one tool that marketing specialists and brands use to gather this important information. For many people, the idea that they will get paid to take surveys is a great way of earning extra money.

How much money can you earn from doing surveys?

Opinion Exchange

The amount of cash you are paid depends on what the survey is and how it is being carried out. For example, you may be invited to be part in an online focus group, and for this, you’ll be able to earn more money.

For simple surveys, you’ll get less, but they are still worth completing. For other research projects where you are required to give more in-depth information, you could get up to £100. There are also surveys you can take that will enter you into a prize draw as well as being a chance to earn cash or vouchers.

Joining a market research insight panel

These panels are made up of people from across the country, all with different opinions and ideas. Brands and marketing specialists often turn to the panel to ask for feedback and opinions on a range of issues, from how someone decides to buy a product to questions around social issues too.

Being part of our panel means you have peace of mind that you are taking part in legitimate paid surveys and that the information you give will be used in the right way.

You shouldn’t pay to be part of a focus group or panel. And you also need to be confident that your personal data is protected too. As well as the Data Protection Act, legitimate panels, focus groups and legit paid surveys are protected by the Market Research Society Code of Conduct too.

Opinion Exchange

Get paid for sharing your opinion!

Paid surveys, panels and focus groups are in constant demand by brands and marketing specialists. As well as making money from surveys, you’ll also have a say on how brands develop and market their product and services.

Registering with your market research panel is simple, easy and free – and you’ll start earning straight away! Register online today by filling in our contact form and become part of the insight panel brands turn to time and again.

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