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Market Research: To learn more about market research and how you could get involved in paid market research then read on. DJS Research and Opinion Exchange offer these opportunities out to the general public and to anyone that is interested in taking part, which could be you. If you are ready to take part straight away in paid market research tasks, make sure you are over 16, then you can sign up here: Market Research
You will be signing up to a website called Opinion Exchange which will supply you with all the research tasks and invite you to ones that are suitable for you. DJS Market Research is the company who conducts all these research tasks so that they can gather data for their clients. To summarise you sign up to Opinion Exchange and complete projects for DJS Research through Opinion Exchange. To check out any of the recent projects that Opinion Exchange have been offering to their members to get a feel for the sort of things that you will be signing up for, then click here: Recent Projects
Signing up to Opinion Exchange is completely free and there will never be any hidden/extra charges along the way either, you will only gain money by signing up and completing tasks, never lose. When you sign up you are giving Opinion Exchange and DJS Research the permission to contact you, but this will only be regarding research opportunties and research reminders, never anything that would be considered 'unwanted', like sales or spam. You will only be contacted by email as well so make sure you check your emails to keep up-to-date with the research available for you to complete.
How Much Will I get Paid?
How much you get paid for the market research you complete depends on the type of research task you take part in, how long it takes you, what type of people the clients need and the subject matter. The information for how much specifically you will get paid (if you complete the task you are invited to) will be stated on the invitation email, so make sure you read it properly. The minimum amount of money that you can withdraw is £4.00 and the maximimum at one time is £200 and this has to be withdrawed to a PayPal account, so you will need to make sure you have a PayPal account ready for when you want to claim your rewards. We also offer gift cards and vouchers as well as cash rewards. We can tell you the general ranges for how much you will be paid below:
-Surveys: £0.50-£2.00
-In-depth Interview: £20.00-£50.00
-Product Testing: Cash incentive and keep the product
-Focus Groups: Read focus group section
A lot of people worry about what will happen to their data and details etc. but there is no need to worry about this when taking part in research with Opinion Exchange because we will never pass any details on to people like third parties without your permission. As well as that, you will be protected by the Market Research Society Code of Conduct and the Data Protection Act, meaning your private information will be kept safe at all times.
The tasks you are involved in need to be related/relevant to you as a person, otherwise we would be gathering data from the wrong types of people. In order to be selected for the right tasks make sure you have filled out the profiling survey after you have signed up. This allows us to know more about you so then we can see which research projects you would be most suitable for. As well as that, it maximises your chances of being picked because it potentially makes you eligible for more research tasks, as you might fit into some specific client requirements. This means you can be picked more often than others.
Focus Groups: Focus groups consist of 6-10 people, who have a group discussion with a moderator, who asks the questions and introduces the specific topics. The moderator runs the group. Focus groups can be online or in-person, if you are invited to one in-person it will be at a location that is suitable for you to travel to. They typically last between 1-2 hours, the average time for them is 1 hour 30 minutes. Focus groups pay the most out of all the types of research we offer because we need you for the longest period of time and we generate the most information out of them. You will be paid between £30-£150 for taking part in a focus group with Opinion Exchange and DJS Market Research. 
Focus groups are a big part of our market research and they help us generate extra detail, compared to something like a survey because the moderator can ask more questions in responce to the group member's answer in the first place. Whilst surveys, limit you to just one simple answer. When taking part in one of our focus groups, we expect you to be constantly contributing and engaging to what the moderator is saying and giving as much feedback as possible because the more the better.
Some of our most recent focus groups have been based on:
-Education Research for KS2
-Community Research
-Social Issues
-Banking Research
So the topics really do vary, it could be something you are passionate about or just something that relates to you. Either way, the rewards are worth your time and opinions.
We hope you choose to sign up to Opinion Exchange, so you can exchange your opinions for rewards! To sign up today and to start taking part in paid market research as soon as possible, then press the link here: Sign Up to Paid Market Research and Focus Groups

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