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To take part in paid focus groups in the UK make sure you are over 16, willing to give to your opinions and time up and prepared to give some of your details out too. To sign up straight away click here: Paid UK Focus Groups
You will be signing up to a website that DJS Research own called Opinion Exchange. Opinion Exchange will provide you with all the suitable invites to the focus groups and other research tasks. The research is conducted by DJS Research so that they can find information about the subject matter and then provide the findings to their clients. Becoming a member is completely free of charge.
Once you become an Opinion Exchange panel member, you will be ready to start completing research and you will also start receiving emails inviting you to take part in paid focus groups in the UK. You will only be invited to ones that are within a suitable range to where you live to save you travelling a long way, the location will also be accessible by public transport and by your own form of transport. The invitation email will you let you know the date of the focus group and also the location too. Focus groups can also be held online on apps like Zoom, so look out for this in the invitation email too.
As a member you will be protected by the Market Research Society Code of Conduct and the Data Protection Act, meaning your details/data will not be shared without your permission or be used for anything other than research purposes. DJS Research do get permission to contact you through email or phone once you sign up but this will only be regarding research opportunities and not anything unwanted like sales or spam.
A focus group consists of around 6-10 people and a moderator who runs the group, it is basically a group interview/guided discussion. The moderator will go through a number of topics and you will give back your opinions and thoughts on the topic being spoken about, whilst answering any questions the researcher asks. Focus groups give the researchers a wider range of points than what a normal one-one interview would, gives a range of customer feedback and also can help find unseen issues that haven't been recognised previously. Sometimes the groups you take part in will be recorded on an audio device but this will only be used for research purposes, it allows the researchers to go back over it in the analysis part.
How long do the groups last and how much will I be paid?
On average they last around 1 hour and 30 minutes but it can be anywhere in-between 1-2 hours. The longer they tend to last the larger the sum of money you will make, you will make anywhere from £30-£150 but this depends on the subject matter, what type of people are needed and how long the group lasts. Focus groups tend to be paid in cash on the day of the group.
At Opinion Exchange we also offer a few other forms of research tasks for our panel members, these are surveys, product testing and in- depth interviews. All of which are either online or in the UK at a location near you, just like the focus groups. To read more specifically about these click the links below:
-Other Research 
We hope you choose to sign up with us and start exchanging your opinions for rewards. Click here to sign up: Sign up to paid focus groups in the UK

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