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If you are looking to be paid to research, then signing up to Opinion Exchange is the right place for you. Once you have chosen to sign up to Opinion Exchange, they will send you invites as regularly as possible to take part in paid research which is conducted by DJS Research. Opinion Exchange send out all sorts of invites for different types of research which will be related to a range of sectors, they range from things like water and electricity to health and sport for example.
To sign up to Opinion Exchange now, make sure you are over 16 and willing to contribute your time and opinions. Click here to sign up now: Paid to Research
What types of research could I be involved in:
-Focus Groups
-In-depth Interview
-Product Testing
To take a look at what the recent projects have been about and what tasks they have been, so you can get an insight into what paid research you might be doing, then press the link: Recent Projects
Focus Groups - Focus groups consist of 6-10 people, who have a group discussion with a moderator, who asks the questions and introduces the specific topics. The moderator runs the group. Focus groups can be online or in-person and if you are invited to one in person it will be at a location that is suitable for you to travel to. They typically last between 1-2 hours, the average time for them is 1 hour 30 minutes. Focus groups pay the most out of all the types of research because we need you for the longest period of time and we generate the most information out of them. You will be paid between £30-£150 for taking part in a focus group with Opinion Exchange and DJS Market Research. 
Surveys - A lot of brands want to find out what the public think of their products or services, which is why one of the research methods we use most frequently is surveys. All you need to do is answer the fixed questions honestly, sometimes they are yes/no questions too, which makes the task even easier for you. We send out survey invites to our panel members around once or twice a month for you to complete, the surveys usually last around 5/10 minutes, which makes them quick as well as easy. Opinion Exchange and DJS Research pay £0.50-£2.00 for each survey you complete but this can be significantly more if you take part in an in-depth survey.
In-depth Interview - We also offer in-depth interviews which could either be over the phone or on a software like zoom. These are simple because all you need to do is answer the questions asked by the interviewer with as much detail as possible. We usually pay between £20-£50 per interview.
Product Testing - Sometimes our clients send over some products for our panel members to test out, people who would be likely to be the target audience for this product would be chosen to test them out. All that is required is for you to test the product out and then give the researcher feedback regarding what you thought. Once you have completed this task, as an incentive you will receive the product you tested and a cash amount too.
The tasks you are involved in need to be related/relevant to you as a person, otherwise we would be gathering data from the wrong types of people. In order to be selected for the right tasks make sure you have filled out the profiling survey after you have signed up. This allows us to know more about you so then we can see which research projects you would be suitable for. You will be invited via email so make sure you check out your emails regularly if you are eager to get started. The email will state the task, the subject matter, how long it will take, if it is online or in-person and when you need to have completed it by.
If you do choose to sign up, we can reassure you that your data will be protected and not passed on to any third parties. The Market Research Society Code of Conduct and the Data Protection Act is in place to reassure you. You will also only receive research related emails about any potential opportunities to be paid to research, these will be from Opinion Exchange or DJS Market Research.
To receive your incentive after you have completed online research, go to your Opinion Exchange account and check the balance, this will show the amount of PayPal credit you have earnt. Make sure you have a PayPal account setup so you can withdraw your rewards as soon as possible. The minimum withdrawal amount is £4 and the maximum is £200, so make sure it is between them amounts. Usually if the research project that you have taken part in is in-person then you will be paid in cash on the day, once you have finished.
We hope you choose to sign up with Opinion Exchange so you can be paid to research! To sign up now, click here: Sign Up

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