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Ethnography Market Research

We use ethnographic market research in a range of consumer and business to business settings. It often takes the form of:

  • Participating in communities
  • Gathering qualitative data through asking a blend of structured and unstructured interviews
  • Direct observation
  • Digital/self-reporting ethnography
  • Mobile or remote ethnography
  • Pop-up online community
Ethnographic Market Research

What is observed ethnography?

In person observation and/or interaction with consumers in their real-life environments e.g. at home, in social situations, shopping and with family. It helps us deliver deeper insight by achieving full immersion into consumers real lives, routines and behaviours. We often use video to capture rich sources of data in the context of everyday life.

Ethnographic Market ResearchWhat is mobile or remote ethnography?

Mobile ethnography encompasses a variety of non-intrusive qualitative tools which capture natural, honest and immediate feedback from participants, all via their mobile. It includes ‘In the moment’ diaries, pre-tasks, customer journeys and user experience.

Mobile ethnography captures the moments that observed ethnography cannot (or not within an acceptable budget!) e.g. at work, when travelling and over an extended period of time. It helps us to achieve enhanced insight into everyday lives, behaviours and attitudes.

What is a pop-up online community?

A short (or longer term) online community whereby participants are set activities and partake in discussions over an extended period. They help us to capture ongoing insight, rather than a snapshot in time. Participants document experiences through diaries, provide insight into their attitudes and behaviours through a variety of asynchronous activities and present a more developed picture of the whole person.


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