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The global pharmaceuticals market is worth US$300 billion a year, a figure expected to rise to US$400 billion within three years. The 10 largest drugs companies control over one-third of this market, and it is predicted that North and South America, Europe and Japan will continue to account for a full 85% of the global pharmaceuticals market well into the 21st century. (Source: WHO)Pharmaceutical market research

Many pharmaceutical companies currently spend almost twice as much on marketing their products as they do on research and development, with smaller pharmaceutical companies struggling to stand out against the “giant” global competitors. 

Please get in touch with Kate Slater, Research Director if you are interested in understanding how we can help you.  Some examples of how we help include: 

  • How can we help you to understand the patients needs and the journey they have travelled through diagnosis?  We have experience of conducting research with patients suffering from a wide range of conditions using both qualitative and quantitative research. 
  • How can we help you to develop messages that will stand out in the sales process?  We conduct qualitative and quantitative research at all stages in the product development process to understand the most appropriate messages for marketing?
  • How do you tackle the challenge of providing enough information to a practitioner to generate sales without overloading with too much information?  We conduct qualitative detail aid testing with both GPs and Specialists to understand how to present large amounts of detailed information in the most appropriate format. 
  • How do you tackle the needs of a complex pharmaceutical market with a retail oriented strategy of over the counter products?  We combine the experience of our healthcare team with the FMCG and Retail teams to co-manage both qualitative and quantitative research that can answer consumer market questions within the complexities and regulations of the pharmaceutical industry.

DJS Research is a mid-sized family owned full service research agency with comprehensive research resources including an international telephone interviewing unit.  Pharmaceutical research is led by Kate Slater, Associate Director who has more than 10 years’ experience in this sector.  Our services include:

  • Desk research
  • Quantitative interviewing (e.g. online surveys or telephone interviewing)
  • Qualitative interviewing (e.g. depth interviews, group discussions and ethnographic studies) 

We are Certified by the British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association. Our interviewers and staff are trained to BHBIA standards and we abide by the regulations laid down by them for market research in the pharmaceutical sector.

Some of the clients DJS Research have worked for in the pharmaceuticals sector include:


Please feel free to have a look at our pharmaceutical sector insights and research findings which can be found here: Pharmaceutical Research Findings or for automatic updates follow our Pharmaceutical Twitter account: @DJS_Pharma


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