4 in 5 people are victim to road rage, survey finds

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29th May 2015 17:26 - Automotive

A recent survey by Carwow has discovered that 4 in 5 (81 per cent) people in the United Kingdom have been the victim of road rage during the time 4 in 5 people are victim to road rage, survey findsthey have been driving.

The survey discovered that almost half (48 per cent) of people have been driven at by an aggressive driver and a further 1 in 5 motorists have got out of their car to confront another driver.

Of all the reported occurrences of road rage in the UK, 5 per cent of motorists said that they have been attacked by another driver. Additionally, 4 per cent said that their cars had been purposely vandalised as a result of road rage.

The research findings showed that city roads are the most common place for road rage to occur, with half of motorists claiming to find driving in the city frustrating.

Of the drivers who found city driving frustrating, approximately 25 per cent said that they were aggravated by motorways.

The survey identified that nearly three quarters (74 per cent) of drivers blamed road rage on bad driving and 30 per cent said that other motorists drive too slow.

Peter Rodgers of The Institute of Advanced Motorists said of the findings:

"This research highlights a common problem on UK roads. No matter how you look at it, driving dangerously to try to teach someone a lesson is never the solution. We recommend forward planning, giving others plenty of room and staying calm as everybody makes mistakes."

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