41% of UK car buyers would prefer an electric vehicle, reveals poll

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10th August 2021 22:20 - Automotive

41% of UK car buyers would prefer an electric vehicle: A survey of car buyers has revealed that that two-fifths would choose to buy an EV over a petrol or diesel alternative if they had the choice. This was an increase of 16% on the same survey conducted in November 2020.

The research by the EY Mobility Consumer Index (MCI) polled 1,000 UK consumers and around 9,000 around the globe also found that 71% of those who said they would prefer to buy an EV would like to buy a zero emissions vehicle (ZEV) in the next 12 months.

In terms of buying a new vehicle, the survey revealed 42% are looking to buy a new car in the next year = up 12% from the previous survey.

Asked about their reasons for favouring buying an EV, almost half said they it was due to environmental concerns (47%) -- which was also the top answer given. Two, thirds of respondents (68%) said that the current pandemic has led them to think more about the environment and be more aware of the issues.

Almost half the car buyers in the market to buy an EV said that they felt it was their personal responsibility to reduce their individual impact on the environment.

When it comes to cost, more than half car buyers polled (58%) said they would pay a premium to buy an electric vehicle, with nearly two-fifths (39%) saying they would be prepared to pay up to 20% more.

According to the findings, the leading barrier to people buying an EV is the price, with six in 10 car buyers who are not looking to buying an EV sating the cost would deter them from purchasing.

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