50 per cent of drivers support truck platooning, survey finds

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11th April 2016 13:16 - Automotive

A recent automotive survey by leasing company, Venson, has revealed that nearly 50 per cent of drivers support automated truck platooning.50 per cent of drivers support truck platooning, survey finds

Truck platooning is the term given to describe autonomous driving technologies for two or more lorries, which are used to communicate wirelessly and follow in a set, close distance. Of those who took part in the survey, 43 per cent were in support of truck platooning.

The implementation of the technology is reported to decrease CO2 emissions by up to 10 per cent, as well as making lorries more efficient and safer.

The government is set to finance trials with the Intelligent Mobility Fund. The Fund currently has £100 million to invest in a variety of transport innovations.

Of the survey respondents, 30 per cent said that the Intelligent Mobility Fund could be spent better elsewhere, in places such as the NHS. As well as this, 28 per cent of the motorists in the survey said that they are excited about the potential which driverless cars have, whereas 30 per cent said that they are worried that the technology is not ready.

34 per cent of the survey respondents said that they were doubtful that the testing would happen before 2017, citing the fact that the public is not ready for driverless cars as the main reason.

Director of Client Management, at Venson Automotive Solutions, Simon Staton, said of the survey findings:

“Overall, our survey shows that people feel positive about the future of the UK’s transport infrastructure and driverless cars, with many seeing the safety and environmental advantages that this new technology brings,”

“Interestingly 18% welcomed how driverless cars could benefit mobility for the disabled.  Naturally, people do have some concerns, which are mainly focused on the technology being ready, the hacking of technology and how data collected from driverless cars will be used by businesses and the government.” 

Staton added: “The investment in new technology to improve transport and logistics infrastructures across the UK should be welcomed, as should the government’s commitment to ensuring Britain plays a leading role in driving change that will be recognised globally.”

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