A survey has found drivers still using mobile phones when driving

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26th March 2019 14:22 - Automotive

A survey has found drivers still using mobile phone when driving: A survey has found almost half drivers aged 25-34 years admitted to still using their phone when behind the wheel.

The poll conducted by the RAC found that many drivers were ‘returning to their old ways’ and that the tougher penalties (six points on licence and £200 fine) introduced in 2017 are not effectively serving as a deterrent to drivers.

The RAC research questioned 1,800 drivers as part of its RAC Report on Motoring and found that 47% of drivers ages 25-34 years had made or received calls when behind the wheel, up 7 points year-on-year. Almost three in 10 drivers (29%) aged 35-44 also admitted to using a handheld device when behind the wheel to text, make and receive calls or update social media.

Overall, 75% of drivers said they never make or receive calls when driving, and of the 25% who did admit to using while the car is moving,  just 10% admitted to doing it rarely.

When it comes to social media posts, emails and texts 84% said they never do this whilst at the wheel driving, a fall from 87% last year.

The survey found phone use increases for drivers when the car is stationary, with 16% saying they believe it is safe to text or check social media when the car is not moving, while 13% say it’s okay to take a call on a handheld phone, an increase from 11% in 2017.

It also found that 38% of drivers polled said that other motorists using their mobile phone while driving is one of their top concerns.

The number of drivers who say that using a phone when driving is a top concern has fallen three percentage points from 16% in 2017 to 13% in the latest survey.

RAC road safety spokesman Pete Williams said: “Following the introduction of stronger penalties in 2017, we saw a promising shift with some drivers changing their behaviour for the better and becoming compliant with the law.

“Sadly, that didn’t signal the start of a longer-term trend with drivers now seemingly returning to their old ways and putting themselves and millions of other road users at risk.”

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