AA Roadside Survey Discovers Worst Areas in UK for Not Wearing Seatbelts

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22nd June 2012 14:54 - Automotive

A market research study on behalf of the Automobile Association (AA) has revealed that one in 20 drivers do not wear a seatbelt.

The roadside survey logged 40,000 cars with the help of 400 volunteers across the UK in April and May – it found a general 4.92% of drivers had not been belted in.

Their study also found drivers in the West Midlands to be the least likely Britons to wear seatbelts, with 7.43% of the people seen in this area driving without them. London was the second highest culprit with 7.15%, while the lowest figure was in the East Midlands where 3.48% of drivers failed to buckle up.

Edmund King, AA President, commented: "We were really quite astonished that approximately 5% of drivers weren't belted up because the statistics clearly show that people not wearing seatbelts actually contributes to about 30% of road deaths... So that's 30% of deaths that could be prevented if people just took an extra couple of seconds to belt up."

In addition, the survey found that around one in 10 cars appeared to be travelling too fast when approaching junctions, nearly a quarter of the drivers had broken brake lights and about 0.23% were seen using hand-held phones while driving.

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