Car dealer survey reveals confusion over WLTP

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8th August 2018 15:48 - Automotive

Car dealer survey reveals confusion over WLTP: A survey of car dealers has revealed that many are confused by the soon-to-be-implemented Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure, knowing little about the test, which comes into play on 1 September 2018.
The findings of the monthly research by Manheim reveals over a third (35%) of car dealers are not aware of the WLTP emissions test cycle being brought in to replace the ‘outdated’ NEDC test. 
The survey, which usually gets around 240 responses from independent car dealers found that 61 percent are not clear on the timeframe for rolling out WLTP or what the new protocol means for new cars after the deadline. 
It also shed light on the impact the new testing method is having at dealerships, with 47 percent saying the new test is affecting how many news cars are available to them. That said, there is an equal number who say they have not experienced any supply shortages as a result of the new testing criteria. 
In terms of how satisfied dealers are with receiving information about WLTP from their car franchise, over half said they were happy (55%) while a large number (45%) felt they had not been given enough information. 
Tactical registrations 
The survey also revealed that 86% of dealers polled think that before the September 1 deadline there will be ‘tactical’ registrations of WLTP-affected cars. 
Philip Nothard, director of external relations at Manheim said: 
"The response to these questions is startling. With less than six weeks to go until the implementation of WLTP, that a third of dealers say they are unaware of WLTP should be of grave concern to the government and manufacturers."

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