Car dealers are getting quicker at responding to online queries, survey finds

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31st March 2015 17:31 - Automotive

A recent survey conducted by has found that car dealerships are improving at responding to online enquiries.Car dealers are getting quicker at responding to online queries, survey finds

The survey found that almost a quarter of car dealers replied to an online query within an hour of it being sent.

In March 2015, 100 car dealers, both franchised and independent, were contacted by email or online contact form with regards to stock they had advertised on their website.

Of the 100 enquiries sent, 60 responses came back within 24 hours. A further 1 response came through after 24 hours. The remaining 39 dealers never responded.

Of the responses which came through within 24 hours, 2 car dealers replied within 4 minutes.

Dermot Kelleher, director of marketing at said of the research: “There has been a marked improvement in the number of responses to email enquiries. In 2012, less than half (47%) responded to email leads, whereas in 2015 the response rate was much higher at 61%.”

Kelleher also said that there is room for improvement in the amount of digital communications, and the quality of online responses, between car dealers and prospective customers.

The survey showed that 30 per cent of the car dealers, who did respond to the researchers’ enquiries, gave a poor response.

However, the remaining 70 per cent were good or excellent responses.

Examples of things that were included in a good or excellent response to an online enquiry are:

  •  Introductions
  • Specification of what vehicle the email related to
  • Answers to the potential customer’s initial questions
  • If the car had already been sold, the dealer provided the customer with an alternative vehicle to consider.

One dealership responded to an online enquiry in just 8 minutes with and email. Following the initial email, the dealer sent a video, which contained the dealer addressing the customer by name whilst showing them around the vehicle. A further follow-up email was sent the next day.

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