Drink Driving Research Finds Women Unsure About Legal Limit

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9th October 2014 12:30 - Automotive

A recent study, conducted by financial services and insurance firm Direct Line, has discovered poor knowledge among women when it comes to knowing how much alcohol you can legally consume before driving a vehicle.

The survey revealed that more than one third of its female respondents thought they could drink a pint or more of beer before driving, with around one sixth (15%) believing they could consume a standard glass of wine and still be under the limit - both of which could place some women at risk of a drink-drive offence.

Three fifths (60%) of the study’s participants said they have never driven after drinking alcohol, with women aged 50 and above least likely to have driven after boozing.

In the last 12 months, four fifths (80%) of the women questioned said they had not driven when over the limit.

However, one in six (17%) female motorists thought they might have driven whilst over the legal limit in the past year.

Cited by almost three fifths (59%) of survey’s sample, the most common reason given for drink driving is that the individual felt they were okay to safely drive without causing an incident or accident. Other reasons included: they thought they would be okay if they drove carefully (31%), no other alternative (17%) and thinking there was little or no risk of being caught (14%).

Nine in 10 (90%) participants said they would be concerned or very concerned to be driven by someone who they thought was over the limit. Women who thought that they had driven over the limit at some point were much less likely to be very concerned than those who had not (30% compared with over 80%).

Steve Maddock, Managing Director of claims at Direct Line Group, said: "The issue of women and drink driving is rarely addressed, but when we look at the figures, we can see that this is a real issue. Part of the problem is a lack of awareness and confusion as to what constitutes drink driving and also the misguided belief that in some circumstances, driving whilst over the limit can be justified."

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