Drivers more annoyed by cyclists than speeding or dangerous overtaking

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20th November 2017 11:22 - Automotive

Drivers more annoyed by cyclists than speeding or dangerous overtaking: A recent survey, conducted with 2000 drivers in the UK on behalf of the car insurance comparison website, has found that cyclists can be more annoying for drivers than speeding or dangerous overtaking.Drivers more annoyed by cyclists than speeding or dangerous overtaking

Specifically, 54% of those questioned said that cyclists riding two abreast on rural roads frustrated them, compared to 53% who said they became irritated by other road users speeding, and fewer than half (48%) who said dangerous overtaking was a source of annoyance.

It is worth noting that whilst speeding and dangerous overtaking are illegal, cyclists riding two abreast is legal and is often encouraged, particularly on narrow rural lanes where drivers might otherwise be tempted to squeeze by a lone bike rider.

Reactions to the acts outlined above included using the horn for a third (34%) of respondents, and around a seventh had put up their middle finger (14%). Perhaps surprisingly, animals also cause aggravation for drivers, with almost one in five (17%) admitting to having shouted at a sheep, and one in ten drivers saying they had shouted at a cow.

Whilst animals may cause annoyance, the survey also notes that rural roads pose a very real danger to drivers – with more than 10x more accidents taking place in 2016 on a road classed as rural than occurred on motorways.

The survey follows a poll carried out by Sky in October, which revealed that a third of motorists admit to having used their mobile phone whilst driving – with men (42%) being far more likely to admit to having done so than women (27%). Despite more than 15,000 fines having been issued since tougher penalties were brought in earlier this year, more than two fifths (43%) of those interviewed as part of Sky’s survey suggested that the punishments were not harsh enough.

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