Electric car drivers are wealthy, educated people, survey finds

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27th October 2015 17:57 - Automotive

A recently released US report by the Electric Vehicle Information Exchange has indicated that those who drive electric cars are wealthy and Electric car drivers are wealthy, educated people, survey findswell-educated individuals. The report also revealed that those who drive electric cars are turned off by the high costs of owning a “green car”.

According to the report, some of the higher costs are balanced by the US government’s existing subsidy of $7,500 tax credit. An increased subsidy of $10,000 is currently being proposed.

The survey of 990 electric car owners and enthusiasts also discovered that drivers of electric cars have different attitudes to many motorists. The findings also found that electric vehicle drivers and fans were: “very well educated, upper-middle class white men in their early 50s with ideal living situations for EV charging.”

An alternative study of 7,600 electric car owners discovered that 43 per cent charge their vehicle in places other than their home. Of these people, 85 per cent said that they aim to use charging stations that are free of charge.

For the majority of the respondents, their electric car was their main vehicle.

The report said: “Energy independence, and not environmental anxiety, was the primary reason that these respondents became interested in electric vehicles,” the report says.

The respondents were also asked about their worries surrounding running out of power before reaching their end destination. According to the report, the average daily commute is 34 miles.

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