Fifth of drivers ready for electric or hybrid vehicles, reveals survey

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18th October 2018 11:15 - Automotive

Fifth of drivers ready for electric or hybrid vehicles: A large survey of motorists has found that 22% now feel ready to change their wheels to an electric or hybrid model.
Only 2% currently own an eco-friendly motor but a poll by the AA of over 20,000 motorists shows that interest is starting to grow amongst motorists.
The survey also revealed a decline in people planning to buy a diesel vehicle as their next car, with just 12% saying it would be their first choice. The reason for shunning diesel in favour of other types of car include stories in the press (58%) and changing government policy (56%). 
For people currently running diesel vehicles, a fifth have said they will not be buying another when they come to renew. Over nine in ten current diesel owners (92%) say they want the government to outline a clearer message about the future of diesel cars.
Since 2014 there has been a 470% increase in searches for used electric and hybrid cars. 
AA chief executive officer, James Fairclough, said: “The appetite for electric and hybrid vehicles has increased significantly over the last few years, which is in no small part due to big technological leaps forward in the space"

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