Infotainment systems are damaging the reliability of cars, reveals consumer report

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29th October 2014 16:20 - Automotive

Consumer Reports’ Auto Reliability Survey has shown that drivers are still reporting infotainment trouble in news cars and lorries.

The in-car electronics section of the survey, which looks to collect detailed data on approximately 1.1million cars, provoked the highest amounts of complaints from owners of 2014 models - more than any other section.

Problems have been caused for drivers by glitches in infotainment, hands-free voice recognition and Bluetooth systems. The most frequent complaints within past surveys have included problems with pairing phones and touch screens which do not respond. These problems continued to be reported in the 2014 survey as well. Bugs and glitches, within infotainment systems of first year models belonging to: Infiniti, Jeep, Fiat, Cadillac, Ford and Honda, were a topic of complaint.

The 2011 Ford Explorer has a 10% infotainment complaint rate which eventually rose to 28%, in a previous survey. However, the 2014 Explorer now has just a 3% complaint rate. This could be attributed to Ford’s MyTouch system updates.

In other categories of the survey, it can be seen that tech issues are not the only things causing drivers problems. Gears, turbochargers and other more traditional issues have not been resolved.

The most reliable cars in the rankings were Japanese brands Lexus, Toyota and Mazda followed by Honda, Audi and Buick.

On the other hand, the lowest rankings of 2014 were Fiat, Jeep, Ram and Dodge.

All of Chrysler’s brands ranked lower than last year, with the Fiat 500L being the least reliable across the survey.

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