Large proportion of drivers do not know core road traffic signs, survey finds

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15th December 2014 10:09 - Automotive

A survey, which was conducted by Bury online car dealership, JamJar Direct, has found that a large percentage of drivers are either unsure of what some road signs mean or are confused by them.

The findings from the study showed that nearly 70% of drivers throughout Greater Manchester were not aware that a red circle with a bicycle inside alerts cyclists to a no cycling zone. As well as this, nearly 3 in 5 (56%) of cyclists were not aware of this.

Also, nearly three quarters (74%) of motorists were not aware that a red triangle, with an image of a tram inside, signalled a tram crossing.

4 in 5 motorists were not aware that a red circle with a white background instructs drivers to not do something.

A representative from British Cycling, added: "Nine out of 10 British Cycling members also drive a car so drivers and cyclists are often the same people."

Of the respondents, just 6% could identify the road sign for ‘national speed limit applies’ and also only 37% knew the sign for ‘minimum speed limit of 30mph applies’.

The survey also revealed that only 31% knew the sign which signals no motor vehicles.

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