Latest results reveal Asian car manufacturers dominate customer satisfaction survey

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2nd October 2017 14:03 - Automotive

Latest results reveal Asian car manufacturers dominate customer satisfaction survey

Latest results reveal Asian car manufacturers dominate customer satisfaction survey: A survey conducted by ‘What Car?’ asked 8,300 UK motorists to rate their car service experience from 34 different car manufacturers.

The survey respondents were asked to rate the following three areas; politeness of staff, quality of work and value for money from a scale of very good to very bad. The average figure was then calculated to measure ‘overall customer satisfaction’. 

Out of 34 manufacturers, the top five with the highest overall satisfaction ratings were as followed:

            1.    Honda – 91.2%

2.     MG - 90.9%

3.     Lexus - 90.2%

4.     Hyundai - 89.9%

5.    Dacia - 89.5%

Those with the lowest scores were Citroën at 82.1%, followed by Smart at 81.8% and lastly, Jeep at 75.6%.  

With regards to the customer satisfaction categories, highest scores were given to the following car manufacturers:

·       Attitude of staff - Ssangyong (98.3%)

·       Quality of work – Aston Martin (93.8%)

·       Value for money – MG (87.3%)

Jeep received the lowest overall customer satisfaction ratings for ‘attitude of staff’ (80%) and ‘quality of work’ (75.2%), with customers commenting on staff’s lack of knowledge and inability to fix car problems upon the first visit.

Additionally, customers identified Porsche as the manufacturer who has the lowest ‘value for money’ (68.6%), due to high repair bills; particularly for those whose cars were out of warranty. 

Editor of What Car?, Steve Huntingford, comments on the survey’s results: “Almost 90% of drivers get their cars serviced at franchised dealerships during the first year of ownership, making servicing satisfaction a significant consideration when purchasing a new car.”

He adds: “Honda dealers clearly understand this, because they score well in every area. And while the level of satisfaction with many brands plummets as cars age, Honda owners can expect attentive behaviour from staff and a high standard of workmanship throughout their cars' lives.”

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