Less than 7% of car thefts result in a conviction, research finds

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17th November 2023 19:01 - Automotive

Research by Nextbase has found that less than 7% of car thefts result in a conviction: A new research study by Nextbase has found that less than 7% (6.7%) of car thefts result in a conviction, with 69% of cases being dropped because no suspect was able to be identified.

The research was conducted by Nextbase, a dash camera specialist, who submitted an FOI (freedom of information) request to the Home Office. The data was released by 39 police forces in England and Wales, which covered most territorial areas. However, Greater Manchester, Humberside, Staffordshire and the West Midlands failed to respond to the FOI. Nextbase requested the FOI because they claimed a lack of video evidence is a key reason why the police are unable to identify car-related criminals.

Nextbase also surveyed 2,000 drivers to understand the security measures people are taking to combat car-related crime. Findings highlighted that 51% of car drivers rely on their car alarm alone, with 25% of drivers saying they park their car in a place where it can be seen from their home. Additionally, 23% say they keep their key fob in a place where it cannot be cloned (away from doors and windows).

Further findings revealed by the survey found that only 17% of drivers have a dash cam installed and 16% of drivers use a steering wheel lock when away from the car. To add to that, 6% of respondents to the survey said they don’t take any measures to protect their car from theft or damage.

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