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26th February 2015 11:25 - Automotive

The J.D Power 2015 U.S Vehicle Dependability Survey, which has been conducted annually since 1989, has reported that Lexus manufactures the most reliable cars, an accolade which the automaker has held for four years.

The survey questioned 34,000 original owners of cars from the 2012 model year, to identify the problems they’d faced with their car within the 12 months.

Those who owned a Lexus highlighted 89 problems per 100 cars, a significantly lower figure than the industry average of 147.

Closely behind Lexus in second place was Buick, followed by Toyota and Cadillac. Ranking at joint fifth place was both Honda and Porsche.

The brand which ranked the lowest was Fiat, with 273 problems per 100 vehicles. Also occupying the lowest five rankings were: Land Rover, Jeep, Mini and Dodge.

When looking at what was the most reoccurring problem, the top two issues were: trouble with voice recognition, and not being able to pair phones with the car. The drivers who highlighted problems with voice recognition claimed that their car often misunderstood what the user was saying.

The third most reported problem was the issue of wind noise, followed by hesitating automatic transmissions, and too much road noise.

The J.D Power U.S Vehicle Dependability Survey reported that more owners are experiencing problems with high-tech features, as opposed to previous years, when the most frequent problems were that of mechanical or design flaws.

The finding of J.D Power’s survey showed that 15% of those who responded actively, avoided purchasing a model of car due to a lack of technological features, a rise of 4% from the 2014 survey.

Of the respondents who had experienced no issues with their car, 56% will look to buy the same brand again.

When looking at how individual cars ranked, GM’s Chevrolet Malibu was the most dependable midsize car, and the Toyota Corolla was the highest-ranking small car.

Both GM Motors Co. and Toyota Motor Corp. had 7 segment winners each.

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