Majority of UK drivers would switch to public transport, reveals survey

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24th October 2018 15:44 - Automotive

Majority of UK drivers would switch to public transport: An annual survey by the RAC has found 59% of motorists would ditch their cars in favour of public transport – but only if services were better.
One of the questions posed to the poll’s 1,808 motorists was why they choose to run cars instead of taking public transport. 
For 44% of respondents, the reliability of public transport was the top reason for using their car instead; the second was higher fares (39%), followed by cuts in local services third (33%) and a deterioration in public transport - the reason given by almost a quarter of respondents (24%). 
Just 11% said they wouldn’t change their current car usage if public transport improved. 
In terms of how much they use their personal vehicles, a third polled (33%) said they feel more dependent on their car than they did 12 months ago.
Off the back of the survey, the RAC is calling for the government to improve public transport to make it more reliable, affordable and frequent so that it may be a viable option as an alternative to car journeys. They are also asking motorists to help make small changes to help curb the environmental effects of motoring and reduce traffic on the roads.
RAC chief engineer, David Bizley said: 
“Our research clearly shows many people don’t think public transport offers a viable alternative to the car for their needs, especially those living in more rural areas.”

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