Majority of people think Volkswagen is not alone with emission cheating, survey finds

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10th November 2015 16:10 - Automotive

A recent Which? survey has revealed that automakers could find that their brand perception has been damaged by the Volkswagen emissions scandal, with Survey finds majority of people think Volkswagen is not alone with emission cheating80 per cent of people believing that the German automaker is not alone with cheating emissions tests.

The Volkswagen emissions scandal first broke when it was discovered that the car manufacturer had cheated emissions tests for clean diesel engines, this in turn negatively affected shares and its brand trust metrics plummeted. Since the news emerged, it’s been found that 11 million diesel Volkswagen cars have been affected worldwide, 1.2 million of which came from the United Kingdom.

According to Which? the public want the Government to take action and launch an independent review of the situation to make sure that similar scandals do not happen again.

Which? surveyed 2,000 people – 1,600 of which were car owners. The survey revealed that 19 per cent of people felt that the Government had created a concise action plan.

78 per cent of the survey respondents said that ministers should now make sure that new tests are developed sharply to test both fuel emissions and fuel economy. As well as this, 82 per cent of the sample said that they want an independent investigation launched.

Executive Director, Richard Lloyd, said that the survey findings reinforce the lack of trust in the industry. He said:

“This scandal has rocked the motoring industry and public trust has been badly shaken. The public are rightly demanding answers from the government,”

“[Which?] are calling on the government to quickly put in place an independent investigation and to ensure that consumers are not left out of pocket.”

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