Many motorists don’t trust used car dealerships, market research finds

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29th June 2015 17:42 - Automotive

A recent survey on behalf of the RAC has revealed that one third of motorists in the UK would never buy another car from a car dealership Many motorists don’t trust used car dealerships, market research findsthey’ve previously bought from, highlighting a sense of mistrust amongst consumers.

The RAC questioned 1,500 motorists and uncovered that many consumers simply do not trust used car dealerships.

The research also found that approximately half of those who bought a vehicle from a used car dealership had problems with it, and another third revealed that the car dealership had not efficiently rectified the issue.

Of the respondents, 1 in 3 had told someone not to use a particular dealer after an issue with a vehicle, which can be detrimental to dealerships, which often rely on word-of-mouth for success.

However, despite having bad experiences with used car dealers, 56 per cent of the respondents said that they would prefer to buy a second-hand car to avoid losing money after the vehicle depreciates.

The respondents also revealed that they believe they can get better value cars for their money with used car dealers, with high spec models being sold for less than they’d be if they were new.

A spokesperson for the RAC, Mario Dolcezza, said of the findings:

“The used car dealer is still the first place many people look when they are in the market for a car and our survey suggests 65 per cent of motorists go to a dealer in their area because they think they provide the best value.

"But this is not always the case as some dealers are clearly not living up to the expectations of their customers.

“Our research findings show that dealers need to be very conscious of the importance of having a good reputation and making sure they always deal well with any issues their customers might experience after buying a car from them otherwise motorists will go elsewhere.”

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