Market Research Discovers Best and Worst Performing Car Engines

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22nd January 2013 16:45 - Automotive


A survey by Warranty Direct has revealed that contrary to popular belief that German cars are among the most reliable in the world, they are actually one of the worst for engine failure – these include Audis, BMWs and Volkswagens.

Overall, the ten worst performing engines on record were found to be MG Rovers in first place with a failure rate of 1 in 13, Audi (1 in 27 failure rate), Mini (1 in 40 failure rate), Saab (1 in 40 failure rate), Vauxhall (1 in 41 failure rate), Peugeot (1 in 44 failure rate), BMW (1 in 45 failure rate), Renault (1 in 46 failure rate), Volkswagen (1 in 52 failure rate) and  Mitsubishi (1 in 59 failure rate).

Saving the German reputation somewhat, Mercedes-Benz was among the top ten best performers, however Japanese vehicles have proved to be some of the most trustworthy.

The top ten most reliable engines saw Honda crowned in first place with a failure rate of only 1 in 344, Toyota (1 in 171 failure rate), Mercedes-Benz (1 in 119 failure rate), Volvo (1 in 111 failure rate), Jaguar (1 in 103 failure rate), Lexus (1 in 101 failure rate), Fiat (1 in 85 failure rate), Ford (1 in 80 failure rate), Nissan (1 in 76 failure rate:) and Land Rover (1 in 72 failure rate).

In addition, the study also looked at the high repair cost of associated with engine problems. The biggest price hit was for a Range Rover Vogue - its engine failure cost as much as £12,998.46.

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