Market Research Finds Rich UK Drivers Guilty of Not Washing Their Cars

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9th July 2012 16:47 - Automotive

The latest AA survey has shown that wealthier drivers in the UK are guilty of not washing their vehicles, while poorer Britons are more proud of their cars.

In total, only one in 17 car owners from professional and managerial backgrounds wash their car once a week, compared to one in 12 among lower-income motorists (including manual and part-time workers).

Additionally, 1 in 6 lower-income owners wash their car fortnightly, compared to only 1 in 8 of wealthier vehicles owners.

The findings suggest that wealthy motorists seem to be ‘too posh to wash’ – of the 18,080 AA members surveyed, 35.5% of professionals and 29.5% of managers prefer on average to wash their cars every few  months, with owners of cars such as Ferrari’s even less likely to keep their vehicle clean.

Other results included the fact that 3% of motorists admitted only washing their cars once a year or not at all, with this number doubling amongst women.

Overall, drivers in Scotland and North-East England were found to have the cleanest cars, with 11% of owners washing them every week. It was also discovered that 44% of the over 55 age group wash their vehicle once a fortnight or weekly, compared to 22% of younger drivers.

AA President Edmund King commented: “Our study suggests that you don’t need a Rolls Royce to show pride in your car. The Victorian concept of the ‘great unwashed’ perhaps needs to be reversed as richer drivers have dirtier motors.”

He added: “Keeping your car clean, particularly windows, lights and number-plates, can keep you on the right side of the law. Regular cleaning can help preserve the value of the car by getting rid of salt and other corrosive substances.”

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