Market Research Proves Used Japanese Cars Far more Reliable than Other Brands

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26th July 2012 18:04 - Automotive

The latest survey by What Car? and Warranty Direct has revealed that Britons vote Japanese brands as the most reliable used cars to own.

In the study of vehicles that are between three and 10 years old, Japanese manufacturers Honda, Toyota and Lexus were ranked highest, while Suzuki and Subaru (also Japanese) reached fourth and fifth position respectively.

They were followed by South Korean carmaker Hyundai in joint sixth place with Japan's Mazda and Mitsubishi brands.

In contrast, respondents voted Land Rover as the least reliable vehicle, while other luxury car brands, namely Audi, Jaguar and Mercedes, were also among the 10 least reliable.

The finding that used luxury cars are less reliable than many mainstream models was surprising, especially since these brands also tend to be the most expensive to repair.

Covering 50,000 Warranty Direct policy owners, the survey also found that owners of used Hondas have a mere 10% chance of their car suffering a breakdown, whereas seven in 10 Land Rover owners will experience a breakdown in any given year.

Furthermore, failure rates for other luxury vehicles was measured at between 41% and 45%, while most mainstream European brands have failure rates averaging between 31% and 55%.

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