Market Research Uncovers Demographic of Britons Least and Most Likely to Speed

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11th January 2013 16:37 - Automotive


A new study has revealed the types of professionals most and least likely to have points on their licence because of speeding, measured by their car insurance quotes.

The findings showed that high ranking professions such as barristers, directors, chief executives and MDs make every minute count, since they are the highest percentage of drivers who tend to go over the limit.

Top Ten professionals who have had a conviction for speeding are Operations Directors in first place, followed consecutively by surgeons, Sales Directors, MDs, Chartered Surveyors, Chief Executive, Commissioned Officers, Financial Advisers, hospital consultants and barristers.

In contrast, the workers that are unlikely to be caught speeding are café workers, building society clerks and students, with drivers aged 20-24 offending less than any other demographic.

When it came to the gender divide, it was discovered that 9.2% of men have a speeding conviction, which equates to 3% more than women.

The MoneySupermarket study also showed that 7 in 10 of all driving convictions are for speeding offences.

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