Market Research Uncovers Worst Gripes of UK Drivers

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14th November 2012 15:24 - Automotive

A survey of 20,000 drivers by the AA has discovered what makes motorists in Britain see red. The study also shows a demographical divide in top rated gripes when it came to different regions and age groups. 

Overall, the biggest annoyance voted by respondents was found to be other drivers on the road at 45%. This was followed by White Van Men (18%), cyclists (13%), motorcyclists (6%) and bus drivers (4%). 

There was the greatest level of tolerance for pedestrians, since only 1% of those polled found them to be a huge bug-bear. 

Drivers living in London and South East England, as well as motorists over 55, got the most irate about White Van Men. Meanwhile, those in Northern Ireland and the West Midlands were most irritated by other motorists. 

Young drivers (18-24) and Londoners had the greatest anger towards cyclists, while motorcyclists were the most aggravating to both older drivers (over 65s) and younger drivers, as well as respondents based in London and the South East. 

Bus drivers were found to be the biggest source of annoyance in the North East than anywhere else in Britain, with older drivers in contrast finding them the least problematic. 

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