More than three-quarters of UK motorists say owning a car is ‘essential to everyday life’, according to poll.

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4th September 2019 13:28 - Automotive

More than three-quarters of UK motorists say owning a car is ‘essential to everyday life’: A new survey has suggested that many of us would struggle to give up our cars, especially those living in rural areas.

The survey of 2,000 UK car owners found that more than three quarters (79%) believe that owning a car is essential for their everyday life - climbing to 85% of those living in the countryside. 

More than half (57%) of those aged under 65 polled in the survey said that without a car, they would not be able to get to work - a figure that is even higher amongst those aged under 34, with 60% saying it would be a problem. 

Geographically, Londoners were the least likely to feel they needed a car with 64% saying it was essential, while in the West Midlands, nine out of ten respondents polled said that car ownership was essential (90%) followed closley by those living in Wales (88%). 

The survey also asked people about their experience of public transport, finding that for many,  it is not reliable enough to manage without a car. Nearly half the respondents polled (48%) reported that public transport was not reliable where they live. This was even greater for those living in the countryside or remote areas, with 69% feeling unable to rely on it. In London, which benefits from the Underground, frequent buses services and a well connected overground network, the tale was much different, with just 29% agreeing with the statement that public transport is not reliable. 

Ben Wooltorton, Chief Operating Office of said: "Owning a car is an absolute necessity for many people, particularly those who live in rural areas and where public transport can’t be relied upon. When over half of people need a car just to get to work, we aren’t going to be consigning cars to the past quite yet."

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