Motorists want in-car traffic updates, not the facility to watch films, survey finds

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8th December 2014 10:57 - Automotive

A report conducted by Compass Intelligence, has found that motorists favour technology related to driving, over the facility to watch films and receive social media notifications.

The report comes as manufacturers of cars start to increase the internet connectivity in their designs. Some examples of broadband features inside new models are: film viewing for drivers and passengers, sending and receiving SMS messages and mobile internet browsing.

The survey of 1,320 motorists, possessing a car and a smartphone, has revealed that the main desires described were features which improve the driving experience, such as live traffic updates (60 per cent) and alerts when parts of the car are not working properly (66 per cent). The facility to send and receive texts was surprisingly unpopular.

Those most likely to buy a car with built in internet, were those born post 2000 and those born during the Baby Boom.

Another survey released in November 2014, conducted by Harris gathered similar findings.

Of those surveyed, over 4 in 5 would prefer enhanced safety features, such as reverse cameras and blind-spot detection, over entertainment systems.

The first car to boast 4G LTE connectivity was the 2014 Audi A3 Sedan, which converted the car into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Similarly, GM is planning to release cars in 2015 with broadband features.

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