Nationwide Poll Shows UK Drivers are Stressed Out

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29th May 2012 17:10 - Automotive

An insight study by has uncovered wide spread road rage amongst drivers on British roads.

Of the 2,300 UK adults that were polled, over half claimed they had been a direct victim of another driver's short temper, which gave rise to a potential car insurance claim which could have been avoided.

One quarter of the drivers who took part in the research admitted they had reacted to the road rage directed at them by manoeuvring their vehicle to take revenge, while over 40% said that they had used profanities to express their anger towards others.

A further 6% admitted to punching their car interiors, 2% to bursting into tears and 1% actually left their vehicle to fight with the offending driver.

Geographically, Scotland and Wales were found to have the most stressed drivers, although 44% of everyone polled across the nation admitted that they are generally rather stressed when driving on a daily basis.

Commercial Director of, Phil Jones, commented: "Congested roads, together with our high-pressure lives, are causing us emotional distress when driving. This is compounded further by the increasing pressures on the driver's purse. The joy of driving is disappearing." 

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