Nearly half of British drivers claim their spouse is the most irritating passenger

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5th January 2016 12:56 - Automotive

According to the results of a new automotive survey, nearly half (43 per cent) of British drivers believe that their spouse is the most irritating passenger Nearly half of British drivers claim their spouse is the most irritating passengerthey regularly drive with.

Following a partner as the most annoying passenger, were children, with 16 per cent of the votes and siblings with 11 per cent of the vote.

A further 10 per cent of those who took part in the survey said that their mother was the most annoying passenger, whilst fathers received 8 per cent of the votes. As well as this, another 8 per cent chose their friends. The rest of the respondents said that they could not choose between who is the most annoying passenger.

The research was conducted by car leasing form, OSV Ltd and interviewed 1,000 motorists on what irritates them the most whilst driving.

Between the genders, the proportion of males and females who selected their other half as the most annoying person to share a car with was mainly equal, with 43 per cent of men and 41 per cent of women.

A husband or wife was chosen as the most irritating by nearly every age group, with the only exception being those aged between 18 and 24 year olds, where the vast majority chose their dads (35 per cent).

The market research also uncovered the most frustrating thing people can do when they are in the passenger seat – back-seat driving.

Other things which passengers do to annoy drivers is messing around with the radio, requesting toilet stops and failing to wear their seatbelt.

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