Online Poll Finds the Austin Mini Voted Best British Car Ever

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31st August 2012 15:39 - Automotive

Market research has seen the original Mini voted by members as the greatest British car ever made.

The Austin Mini, launched in 1959, beat some tough competition to gain its crown, including the much-loved original Range Rover and the Jaguar E-Type.

Conducted to coincide with the announcement that Britain's car manufacturing output is set to eclipse its highest ever levels by 2015 following massive investment from car makers in the country, the poll revealed Britons still love their domestically-made cars.

The UK is seeing a revival as a car manufacturing force, which in addition to an investment boost is also fuelled by thriving local manufacturers of more niche vehicles – there is strong international demand too, since more than 80% of the 1.34 million cars built in the UK in 2011 were exported.

Autocar's Editor-in-Chief, Steve Cropley, commented on the poll result: "The Mini had many faults and was never profitable, but it rewrote the rules and had the biggest impact on Britain's car industry that any car has had. It was one of the most remarkable cars ever built, what with its seating for four plus a decent boot in its mere 10-foot length, revolutionary drive-train and gearbox and its ultra-compact suspension. The Mini's influence is highly visible in every VW Golf or Ford Focus today, and the legend will live forever."

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