Over half of Americans believe that driverless cars are unsafe, according to recent survey

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8th January 2018 14:22 - Automotive

Over half of Americans believe that driverless cars are unsafe

Over half of Americans believe that driverless cars are unsafe, according to recent survey: With automotive technology advancing at a rapid rate, a survey was created to evaluate Americans’ attitudes towards automated cars. 

Overall, the survey revealed that 56 percent of respondents are concerned about the safety of the driverless vehicles, with some believing that current technology is not ready for such big advances.  

Despite 44 percent of respondents liking the idea of driverless cars, multiple responses from the survey showed the following top concerns:

·       Don’t trust driverless cars/worried about giving up control (42%);

·       Safety concerns (30%);

·       Enjoy driving (9%);

·       Feel technology is not ready (3%);

·       Potential for hacking (2%);

·       Other (8%).

Others believed that automated vehicles will be cool (37%), safer (17%), handy for multi-tasking (15%), less stressful (13%), convenient (4%) and good for longer trips (2%).

However, when asked about safety concerns regarding other types of driverless vehicles, the respondents’ views changed with almost two thirds (65%) saying they would feel unsafe with driverless freight trucks on the road and over four fifths (83%) preferring it if autonomous vehicles drove in separate lanes.  

According to a recent report, the top three manufacturers most likely to lead the self-driving vehicle market are Ford, General Motors (GM) and Renault-Nissan, all of which were assessed on their performance in ten categories including: partners, production strategy, product capability and reliability. However, automotive marketers and sales people believe that greater thought is needed with regards to this new development to avoid scare-mongering amongst the general public.  

For example, commenting on the survey’s results, author of the CITYLAB, Jack Barkenbus believes that the introduction to smaller automotive adaptations, such as cruise control and automatic emergency braking, need to be perfected in order for the public warm to the idea of driverless vehicles.

With regards to the current forecast of the driverless vehicle market, a recent report revealed that General Motors, Toyota and Audi are rumoured to introduce driverless cars to the market by 2020, while others, such as Volkswagen, may introduce the new cars as early as 2019.

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