Poll Measures How Far Britons Will Travel for Love

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11th February 2013 17:46 - Automotive

Rental company Hertz commissioned a poll of 2,000 respondents from the UK and France during January to discover just how far people are prepared to travel for their loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

It was discovered that the average Brit will travel 887 miles on February 14th, which equates to a trip from London to Rome. Overall, eight out of nine said they would be happy to make a trek to be with the object of their affection, and 10% even claimed they would be prepared to clock up more than 6,000 miles for Valentine's.

Only a quarter of the Britons polled said they wouldn't be willing to travel more than 30 miles for the sake of love.

Respondents from Essex were found to be the most ardent, with residents from Chelmsford willing to travel furthest on Valentine’s, while Gloucester locals were least likely to take to the road.  

In comparison to the French however Britons are not as romantic, since the average French person claimed that they would be willing to travel 1,198 miles to be with their paramour, while 12% said they would venture more than 6,000 miles.

The study also revealed some of the dating preferences of British drivers who have been struck by Cupid - 46% said they would most like to be driven to a romantic restaurant to celebrate February 14th, 39% voted for a trip to the seaside and a quarter of those polled would simply like to drive somewhere nice to admire the view. 

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