Poll Reveals Europeans Keen On Green Driving

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15th January 2013 15:49 - Automotive

A consumer study sponsored by Ford of more than 6,000 people across EU countries including the UK has discovered the rising popularity of environmentally friendly cars.

Ford commissioned the poll to better understand the opinions and attitudes of Europeans across a range of mobility issues – from Green driving to the future of the internal combustion engine.

Despite 71% of those polled claiming they have reduced their overall spending as a result of the poor state of the current economy, one in three said they would pay more to purchase an environmentally friendly car.

This ties in with 53% of the respondents saying they consider climate change to be the world's biggest issue and 57% claiming they would like to lead a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Furthermore, 71% of the surveyants said fuel-efficiency is a major factor when they choose a car, 60% opt for vehicle models from car manufacturers that focus on reducing their environmental impact and 68% drive with fuel-efficiency in mind.

Vice President of Product Development for Ford of Europe, Barb Samardzich, commented:  "The survey shows that even in economically difficult times there is a clear desire for vehicles that are more environmentally friendly." 

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