Public divided on whether driverless cars are trustworthy

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25th February 2015 16:21 - Automotive

A recent poll by has found that 48 per cent of people would not be willing to travel by driverless car, whereas the remaining 52 per cent would.

However, 16 per cent of those questioned by claimed to be “horrified” by the idea of a driverless car, and 35 per cent believed that the new technologies may increase the cost of car insurance.

The results from’s survey supported an alternative piece of research by Digital Spy, who found that 59 per cent of people would be willing to travel in a driverless car.

The findings from Digital Spy were perhaps not so black and white, as the findings saw 29 per cent claim that although they would not be willing to travel in a driverless vehicle right now, they would consider it in the future.

The issue of raised car insurance premiums is being investigated during four trials, which are set to commence throughout the United Kingdom. The trials will also examine issues which may arise with the vehicles, whilst on the roads, as well as looking into the effect the cars will have on legal and insurance processes.

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