Recent survey finds a quarter of a million car buyers not test driving before they buy

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15th February 2016 10:49 - Automotive

A recent automotive survey, carried out by, has revealed that around 250,000 individuals buying used cars are failing to take cars out for a test drive before they part with their money. Almost 10% of the 1,000 car buyers involved in the survey disclosed that most of the time they didn’t even turn the engine on, let alone take their chosen vehicle for a test drive.Recent survey finds a quarter of a million car buyers not test driving before they buy

The website’s spokesman stated, “It could mean a million motorists buy a car each year having little idea how the car performs or even if it has problems, which could plague them later on down the road.”

This could be seen to be an alarming figure with around 7.2 million cars being purchased in 2015 meaning that for 720,000 individuals the first time they drove their car was on the journey home. also determined that the total amount spent on cars last year reached £8.7 billion; with the average new car being priced at £17,500 and the average used car at £6,000. This implies that a startling amount of money has been spent by motorists who, potentially, had no idea whether the vehicle had any mechanical problems or what it was like to drive before they bought it.

These findings have been linked to a decrease in confidence on behalf of the car buyer. A third revealed that they were under confident when purchasing a car and that they were unsure as to what to look for when taking it for a test drive.

Head of Technical Services at, Rich Evans, expressed his views, “The most surprising finding from the survey is the significant number of people who didn’t know what to look for in a test drive or have the confidence to take one. There are some simple checks everyone should make which could save them money in the long run.”

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