Recent survey finds that over 50% of public have concerns about autonomous cars

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12th January 2016 12:59 - Automotive

The survey, carried out by Continental Tyres, involved 2,000 motorists from the UK and discovered that with regards to fully autonomous vehicles, around three out of five people are concerned about safety and one fifth are simply ‘scared’ of the suggestion.

Just over half of the participants reported that one of their main concerns was that a breakdown of the vehicle could be caused by a failure of the autonomous technology and around 40% openly stated that they have no faith in the idea of a self-driving car.

Continental Tyre’s ‘Vision Zero’ commitment meant that they carried out the study in an effort to stamp out road accidents using cutting edge automotive systems and new technology in tyres. Undeterred by their worries, the participants did identify what they thought to be the leading benefits of the self-driving vehicles; the highest ones being reduced travel time, safer roads, more efficient cars and reduced concentration levels for drivers. Motorists, however, are still dubious about the vehicles ability with 25% believing that the motor and technology companies involved with the development of the concept are misrepresenting what is actually feasible.

Mark Griffiths, the safety spokesperson for Continental tyres stated:

“With our award-winning summer and winter tyre ranges, safety is of utmost importance at Continental when it comes to any of our products or automotive technologies, and it is clear from this research that UK motorists identify with safety as a significant trust factor.

"There are very exciting times ahead with the advent of automated technology, though with any advance comes concerns. As a leading automotive business we play an important role in educating people about safety, right across the vehicle from our automotive systems to our premium tyre ranges.”

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