Revealed: the cars least likely to let you down, according to major user poll

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9th August 2018 13:25 - Automotive

The cars least likely to let you down, according to a major user poll: A survey looking at the reliability of a range of modern cars has revealed the most and least reliable manufacturers as well as the most reliable cars.

The survey, which polled over 13,000 owners with a car between one and three years old, suggests that despite ever-developing tech, car owners are running into more issues with in-vehicle technology.

The 2018 JD Power UK Vehicle Dependability Survey found that drivers are experiencing numerous glitches, with phone technology/Bluetooth/connectivity and voice recognition being among the most common complaints.

A striking finding thrown up by the research is that ‘volume brands’ in many cases outperform some of the 'premium' vehicles.

This can be seen when looking at the top and bottom of the table, with BMW ranking bottom (for the second year) when it comes to reliability with 198 issues per 100 cars –– while in the top spot is Hyundai with a lesser 78 issues per 100 cars.

Cars have been scored on how many issues the survey found per 100 cars, but it doesn't take into consideration what the issue was. Issues can, therefore, range from relatively insignificant niggles to something more serious like all-out engine failure. It could therefore be that manufacturers at the bottom of the table had a larger number of small issues, rather than major faults.

You can see the full list below:


Most reliable manufacturers:

(brackets show issues per 100 cars)

1 Hyundai (78)

2 Suzuki (87)

3 Kia (94)

4 Skoda (97)

5 Nissan (100)


Least reliable manufacturers:

20 Citroen (164)

21 Land Rover (169)

22 Audi (175)

23 Fiat (177)

24 BMW (192)


*Some car manufacturers have not been ranked because there was not enough information available - these include Jeep,  Mitsubishi and Lexus.


Best car rankings in class (all scoring 5/5 for dependability)

City car - Hyundai i10

Small car - Peugeot 208

Family car (compact) - Skoda Octavia

Family car (large) - Vauxhall Insignia

Small SUV - Skoda Yeti

Family SUV - VW Tiguan

Large car - Mercedes E-Class

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