Road Rage Survey Suggests Half Of Motorists Have Been Abused By Other Road Users

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29th October 2013 14:45 - Automotive

The UK government has recently introduced a £100 fixed penalty to try and tackle offences such as tailgating and lane hogging – driving which can lead to road rage. A survey for the BBC Wales’ Week in, Week Out in has recently been published in response to these actions, showing that half (51%) of the 750 motorists interviewed had been abused by other road users.

The new regulations which were introduced in August were designed as a way for tackling road rage. However, some police officials have questioned if officers have enough resources to enforce such penalties.

In addition to a potential lack of resources, traffic officer numbers have fallen in Wales more than anywhere else in the UK, with a reduction of three tenths (31%) over a four year period – compared with the British average of 12%.

The Home Office admitted that police budgets have been cut in a difficult economic situation, and that it wants police forces to “seek ways to improve and continually challenge themselves”.

South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael, said:

“It's all very well having a good idea and I support the idea of this initiative… The government is right to create the possibility of early intervention but this government doesn't bear any regard to the cost of doing that work.”

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