Smoking Ban in Cars Welcomed By Brits Along With Several Additional Motoring Laws

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31st October 2013 10:41 - Automotive

In a new study undertaken by and YouGov, it has been reported that just under a third (32%) of Brits would welcome a ban against smoking in cars. In the survey, which spoke to more than 2,000 Britons, a ban on smoking in both public and private cars came out on top of the most popular laws they would like to see implemented in the UK. The law would echo Cyprus’ ban on smoking in private vehicles carrying under-16s.

These findings seem to highlight how the smoking ban and the recently implemented strict advertising rules may have had an effect on the public consciousness.  In a snub to France’s new law to deter drink drivers, only eleven per cent felt a law was needed that requires you to be breathalysed when using a vehicle.  Alongside new Dutch rules that ban the use of horns after dark, the research also goes on to reveal that ten per cent of Brits would welcome a law in the UK that replicated this. This follows the recent introduction in the UK of stricter driving laws, such as drivers facing on the spot fines for lane hogging and tail-gating.

Energy efficiency appears to concern Brits less with just over one in ten (11%) saying they thought a law preventing stationary vehicles from leaving their engines on was something they thought was necessary, a law that has recently been made popular in Belgium. However, the research has discovered that a minority of Brits would like to adopt some of the more unusual European laws. These include drivers checking under their cars for sleeping children (3%), a ban on driving dirty cars which is currently enforced as in Russia (2%), and a further one per cent would like to see Britain implement a law against those who wanted to wash their car on a Sunday as in Switzerland.

Phil Jones, Commercial Director of commented: “There are some conflicting views here in terms of what motoring laws should take priority over others, with some people opting for more unusual changes than others, but what is clear is that the British public is open to improvements to road laws in the UK.”

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