Study Finds UK Most Car-Dependent Country in Europe

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22nd June 2012 13:39 - Automotive

Research by The Campaign for Better Transport (CBT), which examined the public transport of 13 cities across Europe, has found the UK to be the most car-dependent country in Europe.

The cities were judged in 16 categories, including access to public transport, attitudes to car use and various eco-friendly credentials such as side effects from cars and environmental damage.

In particular, Belfast (12th place), Edinburgh (11th) and Dublin (10th) have been revealed as some of the worst places in Europe to navigate without a car. They were followed by Cardiff and London.

UK cities generally performed worse due to poor air quality and high levels of congestion. Adding to this problem, UK cities such as Cardiff have low numbers of people commuting by public transport and too few public transport trips available per day.

Rome was the only city to fare worse than the main British capitals.

In contrast, Stockholm was judged the best European city to travel without a car. It was found to rank best due to low car ownership and a higher percentage of people walking and cycling.

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